swissbox is the 2008 Product of the Year
InfoWeek, the leading magazine for IT specialists and professionals in Switzerland, chose the swissbox as the 2008 Product of the Year in their issue 22/2008.

Searching has never been so easy!
swissbox - plugin.and.find

Searching doesn’t have to be complicated. swissbox offers you a flexible search environment for your search processes and guarantees your employees rapid access to all existing information and business systems. Find relevant information and documents for all of your business applications - quickly, efficiently, and competently.

The facts speak for themselves:
+ swissbox is implementable company-wide in the shortest amount of time
+ supports the optimization of your digital resources
+ facilitates access to structured/unstructured sources
+ guarantees security and feasibility of access
+ executes search queries quickly, efficiently, and competently
+ increases the efficiency and productivity of your employees

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